Sergey (Nolar) Vasilyev (nolar) wrote,
Sergey (Nolar) Vasilyev

Ideal Employer

So, I’ve finally decided on what my ideal employer is. It is good when you do anything you want to do and is being paid, for sure. But this exact universe does not work this way. Though you still can get some goods from it.

1. Interesting challenging project. It should have real problems to solve, not just “find and embed, download and install” kind of tasks. This is easy enough, since almost any modern web application is an invention.

2. Scalable highly loaded system. Amazon Web Services (AWS) are good, other clouds are even better. If there is no scalability in mind (for now or for later), it is not interesting technically. I am not Web Site Developer, I consider myself as Web Application Developer, and I want to change this title to Scalable Web Application Developer with time. This is one of my mid-term goals.

3. Professional qualified team. I do not want to be the only smart guy. I want to learn from others, those who are much better than me. I want to see how they think, want to adopt their experience. Also, I prefer not to do all the parts of the work; some are better done by specific professionals, such as UI/UX, or front-end JavaScript coding, or graphical web design. And I am mostly senior server-side developer, or junior scalable architect.

4. Community contribution. I want to make my own professional background while solving employer’s business tasks. These goals do not conflict with each other, but for some reason everything written within the companies I worked for was treated as “know-how”, “intellectual property”, “not disclosure agreement” related, etc.

5. Have something to publish: magazines, conferences, blogs — any kind of knowledge sharing with references to employer’s business field. I will never use this possibility with 99% probability, but if I’ll wish to, I’d like to be allowed to. And, of course, there should be something to be proud of: innovative, modern.

I wonder if I’ll ever find such an employer. Moscow, United States, Canada – wherever. I was not that lucky yet, though close to it. But I still hope I will find it sooner or later.

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