Sergey (Nolar) Vasilyev (nolar) wrote,
Sergey (Nolar) Vasilyev

The Future is Now

The original article was written in Russian on June 6, 2010 and is located here. The text below is a direct translation to English with no significant changes except for some idioms. This translation was made on August 11, 2011.

I haven’t written here for a long time. I’ve had some turmoil this past week. But now it is Saturday, and I’ve got some long-awaited peace of mind, and have remembered my long forgotten goals.  And the rush has gone away and does not worry me anymore.

Nirvana. I see the future.  I present my vision to you.

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Tags: augmented reality, computers, future, hardware, interface, job market, labor, mobile, mobility, netbooks, notebooks, phones, software, tablets, vision

  • Всё? Отмучался?

    UPD: Я про полностью пустой контент -- ни даже новостей, ни тем более товара. Просто верстальный макет.

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    Старый телефон в пятницу ожидаемо умер от ожирения. Трёх- или четырёхлетняя батарейка вспухла. Кое-как открыл, зато теперь закрыть не могу - не…

  • Перспектива 2010

    Примерный план развития себя, любимого, на 2010 год. Отступления допускаются, изменения плана тоже - всё по обстоятельствам. 1. Личное 1.1.…

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