Sergey (Nolar) Vasilyev (nolar) wrote,
Sergey (Nolar) Vasilyev

NTFS-3G in Mac OS X Lion (10.7) with read-write support

Mac OS X Lion (10.7) was released recently, in the end of July 2011. And many users had started to complain that their NTFS disks stopped working. And the much worse problem is that “old” solutions do not work well.

But after one or two weeks of researching of this issue, I’ve managed to make NTFS work in Mac OS X Lion (10.7). The key here is a proper combination of software versions.

So I will shortly describe the usual choices for external data storages, and what problems arises with each of them. And later I will show how you can get the most universal way — NTFS — to work where it does not work by default, with links and pictures.

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Tags: apple, disk, fat, fat32, fat64, fuse, hfs, mac os x, macbook, macfuse, ntfs, ntfs-3g, paragon, partition, storage, tuxera

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